Half-off remaining plants in DDHS greenhouse

DDHS Plant Sale 2011

Plenty of plants are ready for your garden at half the cost in these final days of DDHS FFA Plant Sale.

DELAVAN — Prices have been slashed at the Delavan-Darien FFA Plant Sale at the Delavan-Darien High School Greenhouse (150 Cummings St., Delavan).

Stock up on a variety of vegetables and flowers for half the cost!

The half-off sale is scheduled for 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Friday, May 27, and 9 a.m. until noon Saturday, May 28.

A good selection of plants, flowers, vegetables and herbs are still available. See the list below or call DDHS agricultural science teacher Marty Speth at (262) 728-2642 ext. 4461, for more information.

Potted plants

The following are mostly in 4-inch pots.

$2.50 per pot, flat of 15 for $30, $1 per three pack, flat of three packs for $15 NOW HALF OFF!

New this year

  • Phygelius — “Red Alert”
  • Curly Worley
  • Potato Vine

Old Favorites

  • Begonia Hiemalis — “Barkos” (red dbl), “Blitz” (dark yellow), “Carnival” (red with yellow), “Dana” (deep pink)
  • Impatiens Wall — “Accent Burgundy Star,” “S.E. Bright Orange,” “S.E. Pastel Mix,” “S.E. XP Red,” “S.E. XP Salmon,” “S.E. XP Violet” (three packs)
  • Geranium — Pelargonium Hort Melody (dark pink), Patriot Salmon Chic PAC, Patriot Soft Pink, Calliope Dark Red
  • Vinca — Common Vinca Vine
  • Dracaena Indivisa — Spike, Cordyline
  • Vinca Major — “Wojo’s JEM”
  • Dahlia — “Dahlinova Alabama” (yellow), “Carolina” (orange), Eye Candy
  • Osteospermum— “Symphony Lemon”
  • Coleus — “Big Red Judy,” “Coco Loco,” “Freckles,” “Kingwood Torch,” “Merlin’s Magic,” “Kong Mosaic.”
  • Begonia Semp — “Ambassador Scarlet,” “Ambassador White” (three packs)
  • Marigolds — Multiple varieties (three packs)
  • Snapdragon — “Tahiti Mix”
  • Euphorbia — “Diamond Frost”

Hanging Baskets

$12, 2 for $22, 4 or more $10 each NOW HALF OFF!

  • Begonia Bolienviensis — “Choc Red Bonfire,” “Bonfire”
  • Petunia Veg Supertunia — “Raspberry Blast”
  • Petunia — “Dreams Patriot Mix”
  • Begonia Hielmalis — “Barkos” (red dbl), “Blitz” (dark yellow), “Carnival” (red with yellow), “Dana” (deep pink).
  • Impatiens — “NG Sonic,” “Magic Pink”
  • Fuschia — “Dark Eyes”

Vegetables and Herbs

$1.50 per 3 in pot, flat of 18 $22, $2 per 4 pak, $20 per flat NOW HALF OFF!

  • Tomatoes – Round Type — Big Beef, Big Boy, Rutgers, Early Girl, Beefsteak, Lemon Boy (yellow), Campbells CXD33
  • Tomatoes – Roma Type — Amish Paste, Roma, Super Italia Paste, Miroma, Margherita, Super Marzano, Opalka,
  • Tomatoes – Other — Yellow Pear, Sweet Million
  • Peppers — Super Heavy Weight, Big Bertha, Sweet Havanna, Sweet Goliath, Early Jalapeno, Sweet Banana, Sweet Spot, Garden Salsa, BellBoy, Keystone, Mucho Nacho, Fooled You, Flamingo
  • Herbs — Endive
  • Others — Red Cabbage, Stonehead Cabbage, Cairo Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower (Amazing), Brussels Sprouts, Egg Plant, Kohlrabi, Melons, Zucchini, Cucumbers
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