Proficiency Applications Available!

Megan demonstrates her showing skills for her Sheep Production SAE.

Time to Start Your Proficiency Application

Attention ALL FFA members!  Now is the time to begin completing the FFA Proficiency application.  Proficiencies are your SAE (Supervised Agriculture Experience program) on paper.  It will have you describe your skills or competencies gained on the job, hours or money earned, as well as pictures of you doing your SAE.  There are two different applications.  One is for students who own their own projects or are entrepreneurs.  The other application is for students who work for someone else (like parents), known as placement.  I have listed the link below for the two different applications.  I know that they may seem daunting, however, stick it out!  Lots of money can be won for completing this application!  And Mrs. Beaty is willing to help you complete this application!

Applications are due to Mrs. Beaty by February 10, 2011.

Some Hints for Break:

Start listing the skills you perform or gained through your SAE

Get at least 6 pictures of you performing various skills.

Pull together all financial records (bills, income) for entrepreneur

SAE Website on National FFA-

Will give you ideas for a SAE or what area your SAE is in

Also the proficiency applications are on the right side.  Make sure to use the one that wraps!

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