National Convention Blog Day 3

National Convention Daily Blog: Day 3, Friday, October 22, 2010
Today we started off right away with our leadership and career workshops. Many of us attend a workshop on a career in the veterinary medicine field. There were veterinarians from all walks of life in diverse places in their careers with different jobs within the same profession. Those who spoke included a young woman in the Army who is a veterinarian taking care of animals that are owned by other officers or by the Army that may have horses that get used for the cavalry or even the K-9 unit. We also listened to a swine specialist who took us through a usual day for him. A laboratory veterinarian also talked to us about what she may be researching or guiding younger veterinarians through to teach them about a drug and its affect on animals, generally or specifically. Other veterinarians talked about how they got to where they are today and what kind of jobs they had had before they got there. It turns out that there are a lot of special places that need veterinarians and there are so many different choices for vets to choose from that it is basically impossible to not like any of the jobs that are involved within the veterinary medicine profession unless you don’t like animals what-so-ever. We also learned a little about the education needed and a few statistics about colleges and universities that have veterinary school/ programs.
Other students attended a leadership workshop that emphasized on stereotypes. One of the very first things they did was to write what they have heard people say about FFA, blondes, and more to see a huge result of stereotypes including the looks, feelings, horrible puns, and additional stereotypes that people who aren’t in that group assume about those who are. We discussed how diverse people are discriminated against because of their race, gender, hair color, smile, popularity, or a club that they may be a part of. The discussion continued on with how the stereotypes can cause pain to people who are being stereotyped and the realization that it doesn’t matter the stereotype because all of them can be hurtful in their own ways. The workshop ended with us all reflecting upon how we have been stereotyped and how we can keep others from stereotyping us and vice versa.
After our workshops we got together and walked around the career fair, gaining information about different colleges that have the possibility of being the college we attend, getting free prizes from various companies that support the FFA through an assortment of ways. We also gained information about opportunities for our chapter to grasp and run with  So many new ideas to think about for our chapter when we get home its unbelievable.
Our activity to end the day we went to the best rodeo held at the Indiana State Fair, Bulls and Broncs. There was great music to dance and sing to, people to meet and talk to, and rodeo stars to cheer on and watch. Overall, it was a great time and we all had fun watching random advisors dance on stage, bulls and horses plow over a few rodeo cowboys, and be loud and proud WISCONSINITES!
All in all, we walked away from the workshops with a better understanding of how to treat others without putting them down and another possibility for our futures full of infinite potential. We gained knowledge, prizes, and great memories from today. And we will all be happy when we look back on this trip because we all know that we grew and are growing individually because of it. 
Until tomorrow, DD FFA 

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