Delavan- Darien FFA Pitches a Tent at Section X Leadership Workshop

September 29th, 2010- Delavan-Darien FFA attend the Section X Leadership Workshop in Lake Mills, WI. The conference was hosted by our Wisconsin state FFA officers who brought enthusiasm, wisdom, and laughs with the them “Setting up Camp”. The sessions consisted of the state FFA officers talking to the high school officers of the same position about their duties, responsibilities, and how they can improve their own FFA’s to make it more fun for the members and still be a building block for their futures. The conference also helped students learn about how to be a leader in their community and their FFA. Another hot topic that was discussed was how to have a good time even when the unexpected happens. A few rules to live by that the members gained from the conference are that you can do a lot with nothing, getting out of your comfort zone will make you a better leader, and to start now is better than to start later. Overall, the conference was a success because the students left with great ideas and a better understanding of the FFA.

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